Aloes for sale in the Garden Route and Beyond!

Aloes For Sale! Online sales of Aloes in the Garden Route! At last, we have lots of Aloes for sale in Wilderness! Thus we are located in the middle of the garden route! Hence, we love Aloes and we grow them from seed!!! Aloes are great for any garden in South Africa! we can courier them all over the country! Otherwise, we deliver on the garden route and Wilderness surroundings!!! Thus order now online and we will get back to you!!!

We sell aloes in the Garden Route!!!


Firstly, we have a variety of aloes for sale!!! Thus, Aloe Ferox is the great aloe of South Africa!!! It is perfect for your garden and looks great all year round!!!  Secondly, Aloe Roots sells the best aloes in the garden route!!! Likewise, Aloes are great for any garden in South Africa!!!

Small Aloes 5 for R200! Opening Specials!!!

Aloes for sale in the Garden Route!


Aloes for sale!
Beautiful Aloes in Flower in the winter!!!

Aloes for sale in Wilderness and George area!


Thirdly, we can deliver in George and surroundings! Likewise, there will be a delivery fee!!! Wilderness is in the middle of the garden route! Plett to Mosselbay we deliver them beautifully original Aloes!!! Contact us for more info!

Small Aloes 10 plants for R350!!! Great opening deals on the Go!!!


Aloe ferox and Aloe arborescens are the ones we have!


Lastly, we grow them from seed so some of them are mixed as well as they easily crossbreed!!! We grow them from seed!!! It takes 5 years before they start to flower!!! We have some that are 3 years old at the moment and growing more young ones!!! Aloes are great for any garden in South Africa as they are Waterwise plants that can survive any type of drought!!!

Welcome to AloeRoots Official Website!!! Join our store to buy some aloes for your Garden!!!

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